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Android Games and Apps Pack 3 JAN 2012

Android Games and Apps Pack 3 | 3.00GB
This pack is included with the following Packs:
Android Giga Pack Apps & Games
APK Games
Gameloft Games
Gameloft HD Games
PAid Android apps and games mega pack 2010-2011
Top 100 Best selling paid games from android market

I haven't created these packs i just compiled a few packs together.

This pack is a total of:3.00 GB

This has alot of games and applications for the android several of them have been tested on my HTC Desire.
The letter A in front means application and the G stands for games.

Some of the games/applications requires root access to your phone!
If it needs root access then most of the time it will stand behind the name if so.

What do u need?

U will need a file explorer program!
Like for example astro manager to install the apk's for games and apps.

Just plugin the usb cabel in your phone and pc and copy the apk over to a folder on your phone.
Then find it at your phone with astro manager and u should be able to open/install the apk game/app!

Have fun all!

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